New Classic Battery Cover Latches For Sale


I am in the process of making new plastic latches for a classic series calculator.

These will be made via a rapid prototyping machine and made in a structural plastic. Drawback is the natural color is white. It can be painted to match various models.

I am posting this to gage interest in the forum as I am willing to make up more than the two I need. Price is TBD at this point as I have not finished them to determine total costs. I think they could be in the 30-40 range for a pair. Are people willing to pay this for new latches?

I can make 2 versions - 1 with cutout for rubber feet. Another made from solid plastic if your feet are missing.

I am also seeking to gage interest in the production of other like parts for other models. Drop me an email if you are interested.



Yes please Adam, I'd been keen for 8 - 10 assuming price will be a few $$$ each.



is what I quoted "a few"? I am not looking to get rich here, but some of the processes that I am experimenting with are expensive, others are not quite so. One that could give me a black part without painting is much more expensive than the white version I would need to paint.

would you want to pay less for unpainted versions and you finish?

here is a link

Latch Picture

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I'd be interested but not at those price points.

I've only got one classic and it is missing one of these feet/latches.

- Pauli


Thanks, keep the requests coming. The more I see, the better chance I have at getting the prices manageable. I'd like to be in the 10-20 RANGE per. Does that sound attractive?


I would order about 5 pairs, more if the cost could come down! I would finish in the correct colour. Also they would be the ones without the rubber cutout as I would insert new rubber myself.

Cheers, Geoff

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I'ld like 3 pairs if the price was in the 10-20 range, preferably with the cutout for rubber feet, white OK.

Best wishes



If the price goes down, I would order few pairs myself, but, how can these pe painted and how can the rubber feet replaced ? take care Alberto


I would purchase a few myself. I would need to paint them black.


The hp third generation Hp 31E to hp 38E were notorious for losing the battery covers. Myself I have 34E without battery cover. I have been looking for one to show up in ebay for a long time but no luck..


Ok here's the deal.

I got these working tonight. I'd like to offer them for $15 a pair without paint + shipping. My first batch required a little sizing with an exacto knife and a nail file. I will tweak the CAD model so this is minimized in future builds. However, I beleive it is better to have too much material than too little so I will leave some material to be filed.

If you want a pair please send $16.50 to my Paypal account:


See my posting on eBay. You can go there to see a picture.

I am open to making other plastic items for restorations, but I need good samples to copy.

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