Happy square root of 10 day!


I did not think PI should have all the fun. :-)


I did not think PI should have all the fun. :-)

And why does no one think about us europeans? We get no fun at all, the way we write our dates :-(


Your Pi day will come (22/7).


I remember noticing how close pi and the square of 10 were when I was playing with simple approximations for pi!

I bet you are now more aware of these things after visiting locations in Greece where old Greek mathematicians lived.


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Supposedly, Plato suspected that pi was exactly equal to the sum of the square root of 3 and the square root of 2.


Thank you! Since today is my birthday too... and, finally, someone pointed out *my* approximation :-D




I am fairly sure that some slide rules were made with the CF scales folded at the square root of ten rather than at pi.

I am away from my files for a few days. I will try to verify it next week.



You are correct. I have a Hemmi 250 with the CF and DF scales folded at sqare root of ten.


I have a Hemmi 250 with the CF and DF scales folded at square root of ten.

Interesting. My Posts (made by Hemmi) are folded at Pi.

Hey, guys !

We still have to wait 12 years before the really true square of 10 day !

3.16.22 March, 16th of 2022 ?

Or two and nearly two an a halb centuries for the high precision 10 SQR day : 3.16 2278

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