Je recherche la domumentation de la calculatrice HP 15c Merci de me la faire parvenir SVP Merci


Il serait peut-être judicieux de traduire ce message dans la langue la plus utilisée sur ce forum !!!!!

A moins que tu ne recherches vraiment qu'une documentation en version française.



Luis wrote something close to:

>I seek the domumentation of the computer HP 15c Merci me
forwarding it PLEASE Thank you Shine

Fred replied something close to:

It would be perhaps judicious to translate this message in the language most used on this forum!!!!! With less than you search really only one documentation in French version. Fred


Il n'y a rien mal avec la signalisation en français, il est, discutablement le langage universel de la CEE en plus si tout va bien de l'anglais. Pour la meilleure réponse sur ce site, cependant, l'anglais serait préféré.


Yes, and please do not forget that the french is the official language of the olympic movement.

I'm sure that many people reading this forum and browsing this fabulous web site (I mean hpmuseum.org of course) would apreciate a simultaneous translation in different languages ..... and please, keep in mind that in less than 5 years the major part of the exchange on internet will be in chinese.



completely off-topic, but I would like to understand some things.

I've been told (still being told) lots of times that Chinese is the language spoken by the biggest part of the world. It is a lot known that China is the most populated place on Earth, and, of course, they all speak Chinese.

Is this the reason that Chinese will be used everywhere? I don't sincerely understand that. English is a lot easy to use, when no special, particular structure is invoked. English can be a lot complicated, also, but is still the easiest way to transfer information between people in different countries.

Why should I learn Chinese (how long does it take to learn? I don't have even a clue), if anybody learns English in a few months? At least, enough English to communicate.

I would just like to know if I'll have to learn ideograms and new grammar structures, cause I'll begin now, if this is a fact. If not, what is this all about?

Please, is there any e-address for language forum? If anyone knows, post it. I'd really like reading something about that.

Best regards.


TV is always telling us (in the U.S., anyway) that when Americans (and other English speakers, I presume) visit China, all the Chinese kids want to practice their English. Maybe Dave Hicks can tell us whether this is true. Another thing TV tells us is that Americans are near the bottom of the industrialized world in test scores, and yet most Americans speak English to some degree, so how hard can it be to learn? Though I must admit that many Americans don't speak English very well - I have found that the best English speakers, as a group (in my limited experience) are people from India - the largest democracy in the world, the second largest nation in the world if I am not mistaken, where I think English is the official language in a population with many native languages.


Here's one group of students that came up to me one at a time to say "HELLO!". A "Ni Hao" wouldn't do - they wanted a "hello" in return.


One time when cruising down a river I heard someone yelling from the shore:

Him: Hello? Hello? Foreign Man?

Me: Ni hao

Him: Where are you from?

Me Wo shi Mei guo ren

Him: Can you speak English?

Me: Shi de. Wo hui shuo Ying yu. Ni hui bu hui shuo Han yu

Him: Yes I can speak Chinese. Would you please speak English?

Me: OK

Him: garbled – too far away.

Well hopefully he heard the "OK" I'm afraid I just wasn't in an English kind of mood ;-)


Politcs and economy make the international language. If I'm not mistaken, Portuguese has more speakers than French, but what language is more 'international'? What countries are more important: France, Canada, etc. or Portugal, Brazil, etc.? Maybe Brazil (my country) is important as a bad example... :) (but perhaps Brazil is better than The Simpsons creators think...)
I too, would like to pratice my English since now it's an important language. But it's unfair. While native speakers hear, speak and learn by everyday usage, we need to take bad English courses and travel abroad. And when we arrive there, nobody understands because we have a tendency to pronounce bit, beach and bitch the same way (or it, eat, each, itch and itchy).
Every language is learnable when you're young and everyone around speaks it. This reminds me of a joke (I'll try to explain the idea, I don't remember clearly): A person travels to USA and returns astonished: "In the USA, everybody is very intelligent. They all speak English, even children!".
It's less unfair when two non-native speakers use English to communicate: both have it as a second language. That's why I (once in a while) support Esperanto. It's easier (Really! You should try it!) and all have it as a second (third, fourth, ...) language. Furthermore, it's not tied to any culture or religion.

Answer in English, Portuguese, Esperanto or Spanish. No, I don't know French. Answer in English if you want the other readers to understand too... :(


You know how I hate to be a pedant ... but

Chinese is not a language but a group of diverse peoples artificially conglomerated into a nation. There are I believe about 200 languages still spoken in China today, Mandarin being the predominant language.



so almost everyone in China speaks it as well as their local language. The local languages are verbal-only - the same written words are used through-out China.


(It seems that sometimes I can add something in here to think about...)

I must thank you all for all info I found here. No need for a languages' forum at all. Here is the place.

And Dave, thanks a lot. Your cases are a lot concise and they showed me what I'd like to know.

Best regards.


Hrmph. I'm holding out for a resurgence in Latin myself...



Everyone should learn how to speak and write to accomodate the people where they are or they won't be speaking to anyone. But as far as language goes, all of you should stop this non-sense about which is best and learn the one and only language. It is the only true simply language anywhere to include the universe.

Language Name: Binary
Syntax and characters: 0,1



Saw an (joke) Newspaper article awhile back that Bill Gates was patenting the use of 0 and 1, well written.


what about my search of a user manual for my HP15C !!!!



I have a coworker who travels a lot, and he goes out of his way to learn to tell this joke in the native toungue, and then gets a big laugh at the local bars. In English it goes:

Question: If you say a person that speaks two languages is bilingual, and person that speaks three languages is trilingual, and many languages is a polyglot ... what do you call a person who speaks only one language?

Answer: An American.

sigh ... I am guilty.


Direct spelling:

"Se uma pessoa que fala dois idiomas é bilíngüe, e uma que fala três idiomas é trilingüe, e muitos idiomas é poliglota... como se chama a pessoa que fala somente um idioma?

Resposta: um Americano"

(just to please your friend...)

I know it is still off-topic, but I have no idea about how to conjugate English verbs in their complete, ancient form. And I've been told it is still thought in north American schools.




you're right! Your request vanished after all.

What you really need is an original HP15C's manual? Is it mandatory the French language or not? Would you also feel O.K. with a copy? Another language (I have both Portuguese and English, no French, sorry)?

Just to let us know about your actual needs.

Best regads.

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