Is the HP49G+ that bad?


I just got one off eBay for just over $33. I did a search for completed auctions, and it appears that most sell for very little. Are these really so bad that most people are willing to part with them for so little?

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AFAIC, yes. I've got one and I'm ready to give it away($0.00 plus postage). It's one of the very first built units, currently with HP50 screen protector


Oh my =) I suddenly feel ripped off with my $33 purchase -- haha!



What ruined it for me was an absolutely horrible keyboard that would repeatedly register multiple key presses. If the keyboard on your model is fine (later models were better, I believe) and the colour scheme appeals to you, then you've got a bargain! It's a very powerful machine.



Mine is, I believe, a later model. CNA41900***. Although I have noticed the odd double entry key press issue in the past, I find it acceptable - notwithstanding the colour scheme and ENTER key size and placement. I would go so far as to say that the 50G is the most disappointing incremental improvement in calculator design ever. How does a new colour scheme (albeit a very nice one), a fourth battery, a quasi-RS232 serial port, and a slightly improved keyboard (over later models) warrant a whole new model number?

Here is an old post comparing the two units. There is no fundamental difference in my opinion, and a later model 49G+ (at a good price) is a good deal.


I wasn't with HP at the time and have heard nothing to confirm this, but I am almost certain it was so that after the several disasters on the 49g+ the customer would be able to know for certain that it was a unit without those problems.



I have a 49g+ that I had to have exchanged by HP. This one is nice and works well, no real glitches nor hiccups I can think of, off hand.

As to the 50g, I guess one could call it an incremental improvement, even over the non-improved early 49g+ version, but to me, the increase in speed coupled with the ability to use a larger SD card and faster at that, is a major thing. I... and I'm sure others too... do not like waiting too long for a calculator (or computer or microwave, or subway train) to do it's thing, whether it's a calculation or searching for a file.


And besides, the whole "+" thing is annoying, anyway.

It would be like naming the Porsche 911RSR the 911+.

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