Happy Pi Day


I have done little to nothing with Pi on my calculators since last Pi day.

Pi to 1000 digits on i41CX+ with CAS:

on rounded;            
precision 1000;
Happy Pi Day.


Happy Pi Day! :)


There was a competition in my daughter's school, and she won. She listed 370 numbers of pi by heart. As for me, I only know 3.142


Hey, I know a fancy technique to easily learn the whole hundreds, thousands figures. Hopefully you do the mnemonic work better to obtain more for the contests. Got it? :-)


Wow, I knew a forum patterned to digits would see funny response.

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Very nice! I will not reply properly as I've become wordless.
Now, for something really impressive, in case you don't know it yet, follow the link:

Poe, E. Near a Raven.

It's a 740-word mnemonic poem modelled after Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven".

I also like this one:

How I want a drink, alcoholic of course, after the heavy lectures involving quantum mechanics.

(I don't drink, but when I had those classes I wished I did :-)


Thank you for that link. That took quite a bit of work.


My son and I baked two blueberry pies last night to celebrate pi day. We carved the pi symbol in the crusts to serve as vent holes.

Friends, you will just have to take my word for it when I say they were very tasty.


Happy Pi day.

I was surprised by the internal digits and accuracy of the Free42.

Calculate Pi using Gauss-Legendre method.
Four iteration for 24 digits accuracy.

STO 00
STO 02
STO 03
STO 01
XEQ 00
XEQ 00
XEQ 00
XEQ 00
RCL/ 02
LBL 00
RCL 01
RCL- 00
RCL* 03
STO- 02
RCL 03
STO+ 03
RCL 00
RCL+ 01
RCL 00
RCL* 01
STO 01
STO 00

Happy Pi Day.

Forget Pi day, I'm waiting for Avogrado's exponent day.

Probably not going to make it to Avogrado's mantissa day.


Forget Pi day, I'm waiting for Avogrado's exponent day.

6x10^23 = 6/10/23 you mean?

Much sooner than that is the day next year in January (or October) when binary becomes as easy as 1,2,3: 01/10/11


And, of course, the obvious: 3.1416 will be here soon. Won't see another one of those in my lifetime.


3/14/16 is rounded pie day ;-)

I guess 6/28 could be 2Pi day.

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6.022142 to six decimals. So I read that as 6.02.2142. Round to four decimals and I might have a chance :)

But that is Avogrado's mantissa day. The exponent day is 10/23, a little over 7 months away.

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