Hurray: Just got an HP-85


Just to say that I'm happy.



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Nice piece!


I'm positive all of us here are sincerely happy for you, too.


Luiz (Brazil)


Thanks a bunch Luiz. Hmmm... It has the "Error 23 SELF TEST."-syndrome though. Did anyone ever find out what the problem was?


Congratulations on your new acquisition!

The HP-85 was my very first PC. I got the matrix ROM and the Advanced Program ROM. I also had VisiCalc and the Regression Pac. When I wanted to buy an external disk drive for the machine I realized that the drive costs as much as an Apple ][+. So I sold my H-85 and it's software and bought an HP-85. I still long for it though. When I got the Apple ][+ I was disappointed that the Apple BASIC did not do matrices. You had to write matrix subroutines from the ground up!


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I completely understand your elation. My HP-85 was delivered to the house in the spring of 1980....came from Educalc for $3250 (I think). It was my first computer and I remember how awed I was upon removing it from the packing box. No computer since has given me that same feeling. It is still in my garage in the humongous case I bought for it and should still be in perfect condition. Hope yours brings as much joy as mine has.



Man oh man. I used an HP85 from '80-82 and designed some significant hardware (Xanar, medical lasers) with it. I still have my printouts for gaussian beam calcs in my files.

I recall that one of the tape drives had a game on it named "Bulls" where you corralled little bull icons while trying to keep from being caught. I was fascinated with the programming method. Anybody remember this? Brings back some memories after almost 30 years!

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