HP 15C emulator for the Palm OS platform?


Does anyone know of a HP 15C program that works for the Palm V handheld computer. Tried the Hp 16C listed on the museum by the way, and did not get it to work. Just kept getting the:
"This application needs AppForge Booster to run porperly. Please visit www.appforge.com to download"

Downloading and installing this application made no difference. I just kept getting the above error message.
I tried to do a software reset etc. but nothing could bring me past that error message.

But what I realy would like to have is an HP 15C emulator.


While not HP15 specific, Coconut (HP41) and MathUpron are nice RPN calculators for the Palm platform


I would also recommend MathUPro at www.creativecreek.com
My HP11C was getting tired and this fits well. The programming is very much like the HP41 and the 'keyboard' layout is great.

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