One HP-35 back to life


Hello all!

I'm pleased to share with you, and especially with those who answered my question a few days ago about polarities of the HP-35, the fact that my recently acquired 35 is ALIVE.
I plugged it to an adjustable current supply set to the required 3.75 V and the screen immediately showed the most beautifull "0" I've ever seen...
I tested all the keys and none of them is out of use.

I now have to glue the right side of the bottom label and to refresh the silver strips just above the ON key and it will be ready to receive a new battery set.

Any hits of how to do it with current batteries?

I tried to do the same with the 25 I received from the same person, but it seems that corrosion damaged the circuitry. Surprisingly the two pcbs seems very clean. But I know that a killed electronic component may look totally normal.

If anyone of you has a better idea, he could make me even happier.

Kind regards.

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