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I remember an issue in the mid-70's with an HP calculator keyboard close-up on the cover and some articles inside about how a calculator works, microcode, and digital electronics. I may be combining several issues in my memory. Can anyone specify the issue and maybe provide a link to the articles? My web search was fruitless. It seems only the newer and older issues have been digitized.


See this thread:


That's it! Is your offer of a personal copy, not for profit, still available?


Yes, it is.

You can contact me through the forum (click on the sender names in the postings to be directed to a contact page), but let me know if you already got a copy from someone else.

I can't deliver on it until next week.



How does one go about getting your email address?



One very kind forum member scanned the article and sent it to me. I believe this article inspired my lifelong interest in digital electronics. It was fun to read it again, this time with one third of a century's experience behind me.


I would really appreciate a copy. just remove all of the NS in my forum email listing.



Contact me early next week if you are still looking for a copy.


Thanks, Ken. I already got a copy.



Hi Claus,

I'd love to get a copy, too... for purely non-commercial use, some kind of travel back in time!

Joel Setton


Try this.


That's the one! Cool.


Here's a host of other advertisements for free from the newly released Popular Science Archives:


What a cool trip down Memory Lane!

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