16c case refurbishment


Recently I picked up a 16C on ebay. The electronics, keys and display all work perfect. The case shows signs of a very hard life, the aluminum has rough scratches and the case is chipped and dinged.

Anyone have any advice for cleaning up the aluminum and plastic case?



Try this link. Email me with questions?

HP 10C bezel replacement and HP 15C bezel restoration

Cheers, Geoff

scroll down to the HP-15C posting which has the technique for restoring a bezel while it is still in place.

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Geoff, any time I see these pictures I have to congratulate,
is the book ready for sale ? I'd like to have a copy, take care, cheers from Italy, Alberto



thanks for the comments, the book target date is, at the latest, HCC2010 this fall.

Cheers, Geoff

p.s. just the Sting, TopCat, Clamshell chapters left.

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Hi Geoff

Waiting with excitement for your great book!



Your book would be great.
Every thought of setting up a google form to tally they interested?

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