Classic USB power cable and replacement connectors


An enterprising gentleman has developed an after-market Classic series DC power plug and a USB power cable - I purchased a USB cable from eB*y and it is wonderful! He also sells just the connector for retrofit in case your connector/cable is flakey. A little pricey, but not when compared to the alternative. Highly recommended.

Classic Power Cable


I could use a new plug as mine has its structural integrity provided by a lot of Loctite epoxy. ;)

What I'd really like to see is a faithful molded repro, in black plastic, of the original plug.



hey Tim,

What would you pay for a new plug? I could model one in CAD and then "rapid prototyped" from a hard rubber. No mold required.

I need one for a restoration I am doing. If you might pay, maybe I'd got that route.



That would be interestating, do you think it could be done for the battery cover latches as well ? Take care Alberto


Perhaps. That would take a bit more modeling and trial and error, I think. I have a need too on a 55 that has acid eaten latches.

What model do you need them for?

Do you feel there is a bigger demand for these?


Well, I do think very is a huge demand, if price is attractive enough, since are very easy to break, 8 out of 10 battery covers will need a replacement.

The problem I can see is that there are different models and differente colours to be done, and this may increase the production price.

If you want, I can send you some sample pics, I can post them here, or I can send you an email, I can be reached at alberto_1964 at, let me know

take care Alberto


well, I modeled the part up and am getting the first piece today or tomorrow. I will need to match the color of my 55 (black should be much easier).

I only have a 55. Are all the classics the same except for color?

If succesful with this one, it shouldn't be hard to do the other models. I would need good samples to start from. Are you willing to let me borrow yours if it is different than the 55?



Sure I will, I have sent you an email, how much are we talking about ? take care, Alberto


I'll let you know when I get a price to produce the part. I should know on Weds.



Thank you very much for the time and the brilliant idea, take care Alberto

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