Is the HP-32E Display module the same for 34C?


Hello All,

Could someone inform me if is the Display module used on the HP32E the same for the 34C?
Thanks for all "Spicealist"!



E aí?

AFAIK, they are functionaly equivalent. I have once replaced one 32's for a 34's, and it worked fine. I remember both calculators' circuitry was built sandwich-fashion, no solder, just flex circuit and IC's kept together with two metal clips joining the structure. The display assy could be removed and replaced without disassembling the assy.

Anyway, check the "replacing" component for it's code.

I know it is no concise info, but may help.



Thanks for your reply, Luiz.
I have already someone selling it, anyway I'll check its P/Number first.



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