USB Logic Analyzer



Would anybody like to share their opinions / experiences with USB port Logic Analyzers such as these:




I have the LogicPort device and I am very happy with it:

I have used this intensively for the MLDL2000 development. It is very flexible, and especially the large number of channels is something I really wanted. It may be a bit more expensive than the low-cost tools you are considering, I just needed the channels.

You might also look at:
I have worked with this, also good, a bit more expensive
I do not have any experience with this



I hadn't seen the Saleae unit before, but it looks *really* nice. I'd be interested in hearing about either of these two units as well.



I own a Saleae Logic. For the price, it's a great product, I really love mine. The software is Windows-only at the moment, but it's being rewritten from the ground up to be cross platform, which I certainly appreciate.

I have no experience with the USBee, but it also looks like a good product. It looks like it has more built-in protocol decoders in the software, but otherwise a very similar or identical feature set. I'd like to be able to compare the two side-by-side.



I have and use the Salee one and I love it. Go for it, worth every of the few penny it cost!



Interesting. I have known of the USBee SX for some time, but had never seen the Saleae unit before. After digging into the web for more information on both, I see the following differences:

USBee SX = $139
Saleae = $149

USBee SX has additional CLK and TRG signal leads; signal generator
Saleae comes with carrying case; leads detachable

USBee SX has "Suite" version; many more config/trigger options
Saleae is ultra nice; *MAY* have a Linux version in future

solid history
software more feature rich and useful
signal generator cool
company seems solid and stable
after initial run, they "scaled back" resources due to economy
promised Linux version now for over a year
removable lead pod is awesome and useful
leads are easier to attach (soft wires)

With all that in mind, I'm tempted to go with the USBee SX unit. Is there anyone else that can shed some light onto the pros and cons?


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It's true the salae unit has promised linux / OSX support for a long while, but it's not vaporware : there is an alpha version which is extremely usable and easily available from the company. I won't give more details here but you won't have difficulty if you ask.

Build quality is what sold me on it - the usbee seems like the usual plastic box. Salae is a black-anodised pod with flex wires and real ez-hook grabbers.

The salae software was way ahead (with SDK for protocol analysers too) but while they worked on the cross-platform version usbee have pretty well caught up on a slick interface and are now offering protocol details for data transfer (you could possibly use something like the Sump analyzer software with it).

I think the usbee hardware is slightly more flexible (external clock and power for interfaces) but salae seem to 'get' user interfaces better. I suspect an HP lover would go for the salae and a TI lover for the usbee!

I don't know about company stability. Salae seem to have been quiet for such a long time that they're either about to produce something wonderful or announce they've sold up. Initial supply problems were solved some time back, I think.


Also see this one :

Note that it's a completely different device from the others - it has a small amount of fast on-chip storage rather than an indefinite amount of pc-based storage. Better for fast data, worse for long, slower data. It's also completely open source, FPGA included.

I'm very happy with the Salae but will very likely buy one of these too. And I already own an HP16500.

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