HP-97 printer paper feed cam shaft


How are the nylon(?) rollers attached to the shaft? for example, is the nylon roller bonded to the steel, or is it more like a tire that is glued on? Has anyone ever tried replacing them with something?


Hello Ed,
take a look at these pics . I hope this could help you, but if you have any kind of question, please reply here.




That should be in Geoff's book if it's not already. Are the o-rings the same size as the ones used for the card reader repair?


Hello Michael,
Sure. I would be very happy if Geoff decided to put this procedure on his book. The o-rings are a little bit more large: they are 8 mm (outer diameter) and 2 mm thickness.
I have uploaded some other images here to better describe the procedure.



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Hi Ignazio,

Couple questions.

First, are the "supports" embedded within the rubber? It looks like they are.

Second, how did you get the plastic parts that the rubber is molded to off the shaft? Looks like one would need a thin, strong slotted "collar" of some kind to slip behind the part, then press on the steel shaft using an arbor press.

I have found a person who can possibly mold new rubber on if I can get them off the shaft.



Hi Ed,

I hope I understood your questions.
To the first, yes, the support is embedded on the rubber. Today evening, when at home, I will upload other more detailed images of the cilinder without the rubber, from diffrent view angle.

To the second question, it's very trivial to take apart the cilinder from the shaft. You must push the pin of the shaft against a strong surface, holding the cilinder tightly. I will show the way with a photo as well.

I hope to be helpful, for now.
Take care



That worked worked. Only problem is the spring jumped out. After much searching I finally found it. Believe it or not, it had jumped into the little box I had been putting my little parts i!

I've now sent the wheels off to a person who rebuilds this kind of stuff for turntables and the like. Says he can do it. I'll let you know, probably in a week or two.

Thanks for all your help.



Hello Ed,
take a look at these pics . I hope this could help you, but if you have any kind of question, please reply here.



Thanks, Ignazio. That helps a lot. Did you put it a lathe to do the mods? How does it work?

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