FDIO - floppy drive utility



Found this site today:


FDIO is designed to read early HP floppy disk formats, to create and restore disk images under Windows.

Not tried it yet, looks like a useful tool.

Same person as HPDRIVE utility, so a good pedigree!




I wanted to give this a shot to see if this would work like Tony Duell's lifdump/lifimage for Linux, but the RAW FD driver does not support USB drives.

I only own notebooks and they all use USB floppy drives (if ever needed). The only exception is my 200MHz, 32MB, RH9 Linux/FreeDOS machine that I use with my HP-IL ISA adapter. I do not think XP will run on it.

Perhaps another can try to see if they can read a 9114B disk and convert it to a LIF image for use with EMU* (and vv.). I can do this with lifdump/lifimage on any of my Linux machines with floppy drives (however I have not tested a USB floppy drive).

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