New MLDL2000 Disassembler function



I'm trying out the new MLDL200.exe from Meindert and the Disassembler function to SDK but I must be doing something wrong. I always get a 'Range Check' error. Here are the steps I do:

  • Open MLDL2000.exe
  • Open a ROM file from within the same directory as the MLDL2000.exe
  • Click on Show Fat
  • Click on Dissassemble

    The result is always the same, independent of the ROM I use - it shows pass 1, 2, 3, 4 in the status line at the bottom and then 'Range Check' Error comes up.

    Any hints?



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    Hi, Peter;

    I am using ML2K and I did exactly what you did and I could see different ROM listings. Usually I suppress [List FAT], but I tried with some ROM files with and without [List FAT]: works OK both ways.

    Have no 'Range Check' message (is it an error?) in any case, though.

    What ML2K Manager version are you using?


    Luiz (Brazil)

    Edited: 3 Mar 2010, 10:29 p.m.


    The new beta version 1.61. Meindert posted here a little while ago and it is up on his page. It has the new dissassembly function to SDK format so I wanted to try that.

    Thanks for checking Luiz, its great to see you around again so much here in the forum!!!




    Some ROM files may result in this error, for example when a FAT entry point to a strange address outside this ROM, the error handling is not always as good as it should be. Always use the latest version (current is 1.61, but this is BETA still),


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