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Would you please teach me how to program and store mathmatical equations into an HP 49G. I want to program them RPN form.

For example, C = (A^2 + B^2)^1/2 where A, B, & C are varibles. I want to store this equation in RPN form, so if C and B are known, the HP 49G can calcuate A.

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In this form, I do not think of a way to store it in RPN format. Anyway, you can change it from C = (A^2 + B^2)^1/2 to (A^2 + B^2)^1/2 - C. In this case, one of the solutions (expect many) would be:

Consider C and B already stored in the current directory

             LEVEL1    LEVEL2
« -> A
SQ (x^2) B^2
A A B^2
SQ (x^2) A^2 B^2
+ B^2+A^2
.5 .5 B^2+C^2
^ (y^x) (B^2+A^2)^.5
C C (B^2+A^2)^.5
- (B^2+A^2)^.5 - C
Given A in the stack, this program returns the expression value. If it returns zero, you have a root. To automate the process, it's necessary to use the ROOT command, and you'll need an extra procedure.

Hope it helps. (I did not check this info, I have neither the manuals, nor the calcs in hand now. Maybe there are some errors)

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