old HP67/97 programs for satellite communications


In a thread below, aj04062 found an old document which contains HP67/97 programs. I Google'd that and found the author of that document, Mr. Michael Durbin, who wrote it in March of 1978. It contains information on 18 programs having to do with antenna things, and it includes: descriptions, program card images, code, formulae used, and algorithms. I contacted Mr. Durbin and he found a copy of this old document he wrote 32 years ago and scanned it and sent it to me (I'm thinking this is the same document referred to by aj04062). I uploaded it to my server. It consists of two pdf files, part 1 and part 2.

Mr. Durbin says we may all see it and use it. His web site is here. He currently lives in Texas.

Dave, I don't know if this is on your DVD or not, but it looks like it should be. You can contact Mr. Durbin from his website.

Edited on 3/3/2010, removed the two links above, part 1 and part 2. See message #3 below for the one link to the document.

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Great detective work, Don!


aj04062 scanned the document and it appears to be the same as the document contained in the two links posted above, with the addition of a different cover page and some notes on page 2 about the HP-41 calculator. Here is the document he scanned.

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