HP-41: Nirvana Setup


With excellent help from Egan Ford, I have what I would now call a Nirvana Setup™.

Laptop: IBM Thinkpad, Linux (Ubuntu 9.10 Server), Dosbox 0.73, EMU41 v2.50 with the following modules (from EMU41.INI):

9 4 ICEBOX1H.bin
10 4 xio1a.bin
11 4 EXILplus.bin
12 4 Paname_L.bin
13 4 Paname_U.bin
14 4 m2k_rom.bin

HP-41CX (halfnut) with 2*XM module, NoV-64 and open port 4 for various modules and open port 3 for HP-IL or a self-built port-a-lite. The NoV-64 has the following setup (XROM# in parenthesis):

Bank1 (Regular):
CCD OS/X (20)
(empty - cater for 8K modules)
(empty - cater for 8K modules)
Bank2 (HP-IL):
Ext IO (23)
XIL+ (27)
(empty - cater for 8K modules)
(empty - cater for 8K modules)
Bank0 (Time):
(Hepax ram)
(Hepax ram)
(Hepax ram)
(Hepax ram)
Bank1 (Math):
(Hepax ram)
(Hepax ram)
SandMath 6 L (2 or 8)
SandMath 6 U (3 or 7)
Bank2 (Astro/Phys):
(Hepax ram)
Astro I (31)
Data Acq L (21)
Data Acq U (31)
Bank3 (MCODE):
(Hepax ram)
ICEBOX (4) - for further development on the 41
David Assembler (2)
Labels Rom (6)

Usual plugin roms for E/F
Advantage (22,24)
Paname (5,9)
Navigation (14)
Financial (4)
Math/Stat (1,2)
Games (10)

All RAM banks have block of HEPAX RAM to accommodate for full HP-41 Ram save/restore to have different environments for each bank setup (one for math, one for Mcode development etc.) - programs in ram, key assignments, different flag setups etc. This is easily done with the ICEBOX functions SAVEN and GETN. The most used banks are accessed via the functions N100, N101 etc. assigned directly to keys.

And then the excellent PIL-Box to connect my 41 to the laptop. Works like a charm. Just wanted to share this.

Me = happy geek :-)

Edited: 27 Feb 2010, 4:00 a.m.


To quote an HP GURU; "ME WANT".

What a wonderful system, and what a fantastic update to the 41C system.

Cheers, Geoff

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