HP70 original box


ciao a tutti !

does anyone know what the original box for the HP70 was ? I have been looking on the site, but while is fairly easy to find pictures for the other classic models, I still haven't found a hint on what the original package for the 70 was.

Thanks for help, take care Alberto



When I'm correct there was the same box as for the HP-35/45 - a white paperbox with only a print " HP 70A" on the side.
I was told that these boxes where used for sending the calculators.


I don't know what a HP-70 box would look like, but I do know that the HP-35 and HP-45 boxes were sized to match the hard plastic travel cases for those calculators. The boxes were heavy duty cardboard with a closure flap. The HP-70 did not have a travel case, so I would have expected the box to look more like those for later models like the Woodstocks, which had inserts for the charger and calculator soft case. The boxes for the HP-35 and HP-45 were meant to be discarded after shipment, since they had the hard cases for storage of the calculator and accessories. The box for the HP-70 would be retained, and I would expect it to be fancier.


One of my HP 70 calculators was obtained with its original box.

It is a plain cardboard box similar to those used for the HP35. But it also contains an insert with 2 cut outs; one for the calculator (in it's vinyl case) and the other for the A/C charger.


Thank you very much, do you have a picture of it ? Take care, Alberto


Here you go!


Interesting! Clearly this box was not designed for retail display. I wonder if they had a retail box as well, or just relied on fliers and such.



Interesting! Clearly this box was not designed for retail display. I wonder if they had a retail box as well, or just relied on fliers and such.

AFAIK, first generation HP calculators were not sold retail... everything was direct through HP's own sales channels. The Woodstock line was the first to appear in stores.


Thank you so much, I had never seen one, and now that I have, I suspect these are almost impossible to find these days. Where they using zippered poouches or is just your ? Take care, and thanks again Alberto

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