Stefan Seiwerth's HP41CV ttCalc


Does any one besides me use the HP41CV Simulator by Stefan Seiwerth?


Hi Ty, I used to work with the ttCalc but then found the HP-41 MCode Emulator by Warren Furlow more appealing.


I liked ttCalc, but I have experienced trouble in use, and find no helpful information or support. Where could I find the MCode Emulator? Thanks in advance.

PS: Anybody knows about an emulator for PocketPC, similar to "Coconut" for the Palm?



I liked ttCalc, too. It's a very nice program.
But the one from Warren Furlow has some advantages.
One of them is that it's a 32-bit application,
so it doesn't need a VDM under NT/W2K;-)
And it uses a more realistic bitmap.


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