non-scientific LED calculator worth more than HP35 red dot?


Would anyone pay UKP1035.90 (~ USD1600.00) for this?: Realtronic red LED on eBay.

edit: from the Datamath museum info this is probably one of the "Far East Generic Design" types

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Look at his other auctions, he obviously has set his calculator to engineering number format or something like that ;-)

Regards, Max


Well, he couldn't have been using that one then as it doesn't even have have engineering format :-).

I think he's trying to get hits or a higher offer. It's been listed for about a year but previously at around 45 pounds IIRC. (Still not worth it, but he's not getting the message).



I think he's trying to get hits or a higher offer.

Very strange. His Britney Spears CDs too have buy-it-now prices in excess of 1000 pounds. I always thougt the higher the starting price, the higher the eBay fees, even if the articles don't sell?


It's like a lottery. He pays that fees to get a low chance for a stupid buyer.


I was thinking that maybe he is hoping for that one big sale.


I wouldn't do it.

Edited: 23 Feb 2010, 9:09 a.m.

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