Sign of a new HP calculators prices inflation?



for months now I'm seeking HP-80 financial calculator prices; this auction drives me a bit confused:
is that possible to spend such an amount of money in this (used & partially broken) calculator?

What is actually very strange is that the final bidder seems to have a big experience... new buyers (like me a few years ago) could have spent so much money, but this one?


is that possible to spend such an amount of money in this (used & partially broken) calculator?
It's quite complete, and the seller shows lots of good pictures.

You mean the broken case? Unfortunately, these hinges often break over the time. I've payed an insane price for a complete 35 set just to have a (mostly) good case, so, I wouldn't have placed a bid on that item. But others have a different focus.

Well, you need just two people wanting an item enough to get a strange final bit. It's much like a traffic jam, where just one car can cause a 20km stau (the slowest car is always the first one ;-).


Thank you for your reply.

Another factor which we didn't mention is the fact that the seller decided a minimum price to be reached. For sure this parameter artificially pulls up the item's value.

Well, in this other example, it is obvious that also new buyers help prices growing.
I am curious about this
new sale, where pictures are excellent, the case perfect and the calculator aesthetically best as in the previous auction.

My opinion is that new buyers with new interests in HP products (like old financial calcs) are making the market ever more 'juicy' for sellers.


Also, can anyone explain this one : EB #290395201549


A working, clean machine with accessories and box. I'd like to have one. :)


Sure but the price is incredible to me..


With the box it is actually very rare, so it is very expensive :)


Yes it is ... I have been bidding on this item till 200 US$, then, since I have to add duties and shipping charges (I only use Priority International) I stopped. Just for everyone information, no later then one month ago, on the italian ebay direct sales site(called "ebay annunci") the same machine in WORKING conditions, with EU power supply and manuals (without box) was offered for 60 € .... take care all of you, Alberto


It's an HP-27, that's why. It's near impossible to find one in good working condition and complete. Woodstocks in general are very difficult to find in working condition, because they have been ruined by battery leakage and outgassing, and using the AC adapter with bad or no batteries. Of all the Woodstocks, the HP-27 is the rarest. I found one for about 1/3rd this price that was in good working condition but had some unfortunate engraving and markings on it. It has all accessories except the box.


Well, the final price (US$ 242,50) of the auction I was speaking about seems to demonstrate a new interest of speculators or HP fans in HP-80 financial calculator (is there need to remember that this particular model never cause a big enthusiasm among HP fans?).

With recent new buyers on the market (as one can see for instance here or there), my opinion is that HP calcs prices will keep on growing next years. The question is now: until when?

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