[OT] Future Calculator Nut?


Probably not. . .

For those of you who know and have met my wife Katie (Wessman with no 'a' and no 'r') at the past few HHC conferences, she is feeling great and both are doing well.

Since I have access to more calculators now, this new little one gets an upgrade compared to his older sister. She had to chew on a quickcalc. He gets upgraded to a 10bII so he can start learning at an earlier age what a good keyboard (to a small extent) should feel like. I don't mind if it gets sucked on.

More info for those wanting at timandkatie.com.


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Cute. Congratulations, Tim!

Make sure to not have batteries in the calculator. For the childs sake, not the 10BIIs ;-).


Would you like to donate a 41 or something for a crib toy? :-)



Erm, classic calculators are out of discussion. You know, some small parts might have become loose over the time ;-).


There's always the Woodstocks. I know there were stories about them surviving being buried in the snow all winter, being dropped from great heights, being thrown from a snow blower, being run over with cars, etc. But child testing would be the ultimate. Probably wouldn't be safe because of the keys, though...

Congratulations on the new addition to your collection!


Woodstocks? Though they were pretty solid, you're talking about Voyagers presumably ... d:-)

@Katie & Tim: All the best to you four d:-)


Congrats (again)!!!


A 10bii? Give him a new 30b so he can start learning keystroke programming between his Dr. Seuss books! We need to pass the torch to his generation.

Congrats on your growing family.



Tim and Katie, congratulations!! May your little one grow into A true calculator nut like me.

Uncle hpnut in Malaysia :-)



Congratulations on the HP-10BII .... the kid looks kinda cute too!!!



Congratulations to you and Katie!

This reminds me of a funny story. When my wife was pregnant in 1995, I wrote a very small and VERY simple program for the 100LX she had from work. It timed her contractions....

The trick was that had to be better than bullet-proof. It had to be better than idiot-proof. It had to be "expectant dad with wife in labor" proof!! Now that was a challenge.

I settled on 3 buttons: START STOP and SHOW. Press START when she started a contraction, press STOP when it ended and press SHOW to display a table of their duration and frequency. The code had to account for, say, pressing START, and then not being able press STOP because the missus was squeezing my hand and shouting at me... :)

I actually used the calculator during her brutal 45 hr labor.

The 100LX is in sight right now. Mother and child are upstairs watching a movie. :)


P.S. Tim, your children will not remember learning to use a mouse any more than you remember learning to use a door knob. They will have no memory of EVER hunting for keys on a keyboard. The very idea of not knowing which key is where will be completely alien to them.


Hi Tim and Katie!

I'm glad Katie is feeling great and the baby is doing well. (What a cute little boy!) I hope he is a talented engineer/mathematician someday. ;)

- Bill


How nice :). Congratulations!



IMHO, your kids deserve RPN calculators to chew on. But like the song almost says: "don't let your babies grow up to be surveyors" - even ones with great software.

Congrats, db

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