HP200LX Connectivity Pack under Windows 7


Just tried to run the HP200LX Connectivity Pack under Win7 Starter - and failed. Do I realy need QEmu, DosBox, VMware Player, or similar?



32 or 64 bit Windows?
did you try compatibility mode (all the way back to Win95...)?



No, I did only try to start it this morning in a hurry between a cup of tea and a shower before work. Did a "EasyTransfer" tonite from my worn-out WinXP-MSI Wind to an AAO-D250 under this funny Win7-Starter. 32 bit of cause. No chance neither for XP compatibility mode neither for the latest Virtual PC.

I searched the Internet for an advice, alas nothing found. If I can not make it run on the bare system I'll force it with DOS-Box or Qemu.

The other emulators work fine so far: Hercules (for IBM main frames), Emu28, Emu42, Emu48, and vTI. This evening I will try VirtualPC 2007, V41, Nonpareille, emu41, emu71, and Mini-VMac (for OS7). Some others I'll try end of next week.

"... and virtual _is_ real." (George Clinton in a song written by Prince)



Virtual PC 2007 should work on Windows 7 32-bit, but I think you need the SP1 release of VPC. (There's no SP2 version of it yet, is there?)


AFAIK there is no SP2 for it, and I assume never will be. I only tried it with one VHD and it vPC did not reflect if the additions are installed or not as it does not allow to directly link directories from the host as disks to the guest.

I'll be back in one week - there are 3 days carneval in Basle now.

BTW - thanks for your reply!



Is there a specific feature of the connectivity pack you wish to use? Or do you simply need some means to transfer files? If you only need to transfer files, Hyperterminal works just fine.


Yes, there is a specific feature on the real HP200LX (and 100LX) that the Connectivity Pack does not have: this LX-kind of task switching, where you may virtually open more than one application. So i wish there was an "EmuLX" as close as possible to the real HW (like Emu42 from Christoph Giesselink).

Last week I tried this and that. I was not able to get the CPack200 to work on a bare Win7 Starter Edition (7 = holy number, Win7 = holy sh.t), at minimum DOSBox is necessary. There I still have to solve the keybord issue (it's a swiss one), Win7 switched back every now and then to german keybord but that's fixed now. Virtual PC 2007 works too, alas the direct link to directories is waaay too slow. VMware Player works too. But, best of all is Hercules.


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