OT: Computer Archeology 2010


Hi there

I hope to see some of you if you just happen to be in western Denmark on 8th May 2010.




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it' still a 3-4 hour drive from Flensburg :(


Still better than from the Rhein/Main area. :(

Johnny Björn, if you can rent a truck and come to me, I probably have more giveaways in my basement than you can imagine. I need to make a list.


I´m almost in the other side of the globe... bit less, though! OK, OK, about 1/3 of the perimeter, but there's a whole ocean ahead! And I'd like to go, too... At least I have the symptoms!

Luiz (Brazil)



*You're the type who constantly program old computers and gizmos.

*You may not have the heart to get rid of your trusty DOS 2.11

I just got Windows 3.1 and multiple DOS and early Window programs running on my Mac Book Pro. Woot!! Still having a hard time recalling how to get it to network. After 15+ years it all starts to fade. ;)

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Chuck, you need to install Windows for Workgroups.


Thanks Marcus. I vaguely remember that 3.11 for WG had some nice improvements. Unfortunately I don't know if I still have all my 3.11 disks. Time for a trip up to the attic.


Thanks for your replies, folks :-)

Too bad that none of you yet can attend. The most likely will be for some people from Germany as you Franck and you Marcus to attend but I fully understand you. I don't think that I would be travelling very far to another meeting.

My elder brother and I will be here with some of my HP's. I also have two old Memotech MTX-500, a Psion XP, a TI-59 and some other non-HP's... A friend of mine collecting old CPU's and some of the old IBM classisc will also be here. Finaly some of my working collegues will probably show up also to look at us geeks :-)
I have sent an invitation to a danish classic-computer-club though they have not responded yet.

So come on girls and guys - until now we will be only a few nerds...

BTW if some of know the whereabouts of any similar events in near by countries like Germany, Netherlands or eg. Sweden I will like know.



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