Barcode generator for Optical Wand?


I was just reading a PDF about the optical wand for the HP 41 series calculators.

And I started to wonder whether anyone has ever developed a software tool for converting program listings (maybe devloped on a HP-41 PC-emulator) into a barcode that can be printed and loaded into the HP-41 using the optical wand?

Using such a tool all you'd have to do is enter the program once on a PC, run the software and the result would be the barcode. This way you could store your programs either as a listing or barcode on your PC and print them out to upload them into the HP anytime you need them.

All I know is, that back in the "active days" of these calculators you could send a program listing to HP and they would print a barcode interpretation for you for relatively affordable amounts of money. Maybe this service has been ported to a software solution already?

Looking forward to your replies,


Use HP41UC. Read this recent thread:

Other threads:, jump to message 9.

Also try from Google: barcode

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Thanks for the links, that's exactly what I thought about!

Seems it's really worth looking out for an optical wand now...

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