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Foolish beginner question: Is there a current RPN offering from HP? Anything at all?


The HP-48G/GX/G+ are ostensibly available, though maybe not for long. They're large, richly-endowed things with big LCD dot-matrix screens and graphing functionality. They work with a more recent version of RPN employing a variable-depth stack. The newer HP-49G may be used in either RPN or Algebraic modes. Its RPN is (I believe) essentially the same as that of the HP-48G.

Some people don't like that mode of operation as much as the older, simpler four-level stack RPN. The most recent offering with that behavior was the HP-32SII. I say "was" because, as you'll notice elsewhere in this forum, there's lots of talk about its recent discontinuation. They're still to be found, apparently, at some of the larger electronics stores and some university bookstores.

I believe the HP-17BII is another recently-discontinued model with an RPN mode.

Both the HP-48G and the HP-32SII are readily available on eBay in all stages of "new" & "used" for very reasonable prices.

Good luck!

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