Pictures of Time Module for HP 41 series?



I recently got my hands on a time module for my HP 41CV, complete with manual and keyboard map. Only downside is that the company that used the time module in its active days removed the original plackards from the module and replced them with some paper stickers showing company internal designations.

I'd like to restore the look of the module by replacing the stickers with new plackards that look like the old original markings of the module.

Could anyone with a time module post some pictures of the plackards on the front and bottom of the module so that I know what exactly was written on them?

Thanks a lot in advance and best regards,


Hi Timo

Hope some of these are usefull



Edited: 13 Feb 2010, 3:01 p.m.


Hi Johnny,

brilliant pictures, thanks a lot! :)


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