Hp 41C in excellent condition


I have just purchased this HP41c which was described in ' as new ' condition. It was rarely used and then stored in its box.

See what you think.

I hope that I have a bought a very good specimen.



Hard to say with only this perspective. I can only conclude that the faceplate is clean. The insides might be completely broken posts, or corroded from dormant batteries, or completely empty...


BRILLIANT! I wish a could touch it!



BRILLIANT! I wish a could touch it!


Thanks Reth. So do I as I haven't seen it in person yet! 

I have seen pics of the battery contacts and there is no corrosion whatsover. I am buying it from the original owner who used it lightly , took great care over it when he bought it and then stored it in it's box thereafter. Also I am not buying it from one of those 'professional' sellers on eBay who mark up the price and make it look better than it is.

I had to laugh to myself recently when one was sold recently with this description " HP41cx Calculator AND (my emphasis) unopened mint condition accessories" . The calculator wasn't new but it looked OK and it sold for $580 !

I can't tell about any broken posts in my machine but all of display works so there is no reason to suspect that they are broken or cracked.

Not that I have ever seen a new HP 41 , but this one did seem to stll have a bright black look about it , not one whose colour has faded over time.

I did really want a HP41cx but in the end the apparent 'new' condition of this one won me over.



A bit cruel to show these photos here - I am jealous. Are you going to reveal how much you paid for it? Perhaps we should try and let people guess first and give a price (a near new HP41c?) to the one with the best guess. I'd say 110 pounds.


A bit cruel to show these photos here - I am jealous.

Same here :( ; just to add to it - remember the smell? I do and there is no better one than of freshly opened box ;)

Congratulations, Nigel!

Made me remember the day I bought my HP41C (80's, NIB), still with me but needing some refurbishment (broken posts, mostly).

But I still like the CX more...


Luiz (Brazil)


Oh, do I remember opening my '41C in August, 1979 (SN 1932A...)! A friend and I bought one each the day they came out before the word got out and they became scarce. I later replaced the 8 pin DIP RAMs with the '41CV's parts so mine is now a 'CV with all the original bugs (such as access to *any* register via indirection). Still works great, too.

When I was interviewed to work at HP Santa Rosa, someone mentioned the then-brand-new HP-41C. I answered that I really enjoyed mine. The interviewer was astonished that I had one and asked about it. When I said it was in my car outside, we promptly marched out and got it. While they grilled / interviewed me the rest of the day, there was a small mob of HP engineers playing with my '41 in the cubicle they had it in. I'm still not entirely sure they hired me for my electrical engineering skills or to get a '41 in house right away...

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