SandMath - Reloaded


Sunday News:-

A new version of the SandMath will soon come available at TOS, this time with the following new additions:

1. Digamma function, for any real number where it's defined

2. LogGamma function, for all real numbers where Gamma>0

3. Improved Bessel functions - with extensive MCODE inplementation.

The last one in particular is a hard nut to crack - I sat forth with the intention to implement it all in MCODE but soon enough I got a reality check (a few, actually)... it's about 80% MCODE for the first kind and 50% for the second kind. The speed gains are obvious in the first kind group, and not so much for the others given the 9-digit precission default mode.

Nevertheless it's a vast improvement over the previous all-User code versions, but I won't attempt something similar in a long time! (laborious and pesky as only MCODE can be...)

Almost forget: a new overlay has been designed for the SandMath module, with function launchers and color-coded function groups... will post samples as soon as I catch my breath.



You're on a roll!!!

Awesome work Angel, very impressed!




Here it is, a "repurposed" 41C... with a little help of my friends :)


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