HP32SII available


I just purchased a new HP32SII at a long-time HP dealer for something like $65.

It has the new horrible color scheme, the 'unprotected' screen, and the keys are painted, but the key feel is very nice (compared to other more recent models).

The dealer told me he had just received a batch of these, and that to his knowledge it was still made.

As I proposed a number of times here, if anyone wants one, brand new unopened (but with french manual), just let me know.


I just bought one of these on Wednesday (3/27) at a Fry's electronics store in Phoenix (Arizona), for $59.99. They had a few more. I didn't ask about more in the pipeline. There was also a selection of all (?) other current HP calcs ('12, '17, '30, '38 (or '39, I don't remember) and '48 or '49 (again, I don't remember).

Get 'em while you can.



The Fry's in Arlington, Texas, still had several HP-32SII units in the new color scheme as of noon Friday, along with the 12C, 20S, 30S, 39G, and 48GX.


I bought one a month ago from the buy.com website for $45.00. However, they are no longer in stock at buy.com.


Why did they change the color scheme? In the manual it still refers to the old blue and red color sceme, rather than the new green and light purple scheme. I do like how the area around the LCD panel is silver with black text rather than black with silver text.

I don't think the changes are bad, but why would they change if they didn't have to? Quality wise, the newer HP 32Sii is still as nice as my 6 year old HP 20S the keys feel exactly the same, and they both feel very sturdy

Can a color blind person see the new scheme better?



I am color blind and I found the new color scheme is both ugly and diffcult to read. However, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder so being color blind my judgment does not have much value.


I am color blind and I found the new color scheme is both ugly and diffcult to read.

Well, I'm not color blind and I, too, find the new color scheme to be both ugly and difficult to read. :^)


Quite the opposite, Chan! Your remarks prove a point I've felt very strongly about: that the new "cool" colors chosen by HP are hard on color-blind people.

It is said that 1 out of every 100 men (not women) is color-blind, being unable to distinguish between red and green, but (I suppose) being able to differentiate the other colors without trouble.

Back when HP was still run by Mr. Hewlett and Mr. Packard, they selected gold and blue shift keys (and labels) for the shifted functions of their calculators -- as far back as the 1974 HP-65. Gold and blue are excellent choices for color-blind people. Turquoise and purple aren't.



The 32SII is a mature product and is not aggressively marketed by HP. This would make me believe the new package is the result of a cost reduction in manufacturing and/or parts.



I have a "new color" HP32SII from two years more or less. As far as I know HP bought great amount of black plastic at lower price from a company near to close that was selling it so cheap due its financial problems..

At least that are the news we have here at Spain...


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