Calendar withdrawls


Having been without my HHC 2009 wall calendar for almost a month now, I'm still experiencing withdrawl symptoms. ;)

Does anyone have any suggestions for a nice calculator-themed wall calendar? Or something techy and classy?



there's a blank on my wall i keep looking at :-)

an idea i had a while back is that there are a number of online calendar printers where you upload your photos and they print them.

if we were to create such a calendar and make it public, people could order their own. it would be a bit DIY but doesn't involve someone committing to a print run and all the hassle involved.

it probably wouldn't be any cheaper per unit but it could work. also each person could, theoretically, personalise it. eg add birthdays etc.

to make it easy, im thinking it would really just be a set of photos, one per month and the regular month day matrix.



Yup, I've had exactly the same idea. In fact, after now browsing the web for about an hour looking for something decent (and finding nothing that really appeals to me), I think there's much merit to your idea.

You know, this just illustrates how professional the two HHC calendars were. They both were extremely well done, interesting both visually and informationally, and were collectors items. I hope that that group who created them will considering doing another two year series for this year's conference. And yes, I realize it's eight months away. ;-)




Thanks so much for the kind words. The fatal flaw with the last calendar was mostly its poor *timing*. The originally-intended theme was "HP Calculator People" where Richard Nelson and I were going to devote each image page to a well-known HP calculator developer (such as Bill Wickes, etc.) and the projects to which each one contributed. Richard wanted to give each one a chance to tell us (so we could include in the calendar) info on what he/she is doing now. Unfortunately, hardly any of those who were asked by email responded in a timely manner. In fact, I believe he *still* has yet to receive responses from enough of them to fill twelve months, so that particular idea is still impractical. The only page I did as a sample to show Richard was the one for Eric Vogel (32S, 32SII, HP75 Visicalc, HP200LX, etc.) :

In any case, it was late Summer when it was realized that the theme had to be changed and time was running out. Richard decided to ask the HHC2008 conference attendees whether to do a slight enhancement on the previous years' theme or skip altogether. The vote was to enhance the theme, so we did the second one when we got home. They didn't get out of the printer until January 4th or so, so the timing was around 4 months too late for casual HP fans to want one by that point. The number printed was hundreds, and copies went to all the HHC2008 attendees and additional sales were only in the dozens. Needless to say, the sales fell short of the costs by many hundreds of dollars. Had it all been sorted out by, say, August, I think that the project might at least have broken even and Richard wouldn't be so sour on doing any more for fear of further losing his shirt. For what it is worth, copies of that 2009 calender are still available at half price at

Jake Schwartz


Jake, you've got mail :)

I'll look into whether it's possible to create a calendar at webshots/snapfish/whatever and then make it available for other people to purchase directly. There wouldn't be any money to be made from this, but there wouldn't be any money to be lost either :)



Slightly OT, but a nice and interesting calendar about the pre calc era:

A 2010 'Graphical Computing' Calendar


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