Almost O.T.: rarity and prices...


Hi, all;

I hope you forgive me, but I could not help thinking that this is something you would like to see. It relates to HP calculators and their prices, so it is not exactly off topic. The page is in Portuguese, so you can use any web translator to see it in English and any currency conversion to check the final price.


Luiz (Brazil)


Hi Luiz

Very "On Tread" for me anyway. Looks "a little" ebay'ish...


Johnny Bjoern Rasmussen

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Hi Luiz,

do they sell worldwide or just in Brazil ? take care everybody, Alberto


Yes!!! We have our Corbulin !!! :-)

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Thank you very much for your reply, do I need to register myself at the site to purchase ? take care, Alberto


Alberto, €434??? Way too much, IMHO...



True, Brazil has its Coberlin... or worst: before to sell his products on Brazilian market, this seller buys on U.S. E-bay (and perhaps to Coberlin!)



Edit : Coberlin? Corbulin? Coburlin? Who cares?

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Corbulin Salles Link This is the true. :-)

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You are right, way too much, I was just wondering in case some nice prices should show up ... who knows ... take care Alberto


Yes!!! We have our Corbulin !!! :-)

Perhaps, but at least his overpriced calculators appear to be in good shape.

He says the HP-10C was never released in Brazil, but according to this ad (April 1983) this is not true.


Hi, Gerson;

As far as I know, the only Voyager that was not commercialized in Brazil was the HP16C. Neither the HP41CX, not a Voyager though.


Luiz (Brasil, né?)

(P.S. - if you do not speak Portuguese and are curious about it, 'né' is a contraction of 'não é', which could be translated to 'isn't it'. Just if you are curious about it...)


Just if you are curious about it...

Actually, yes. Thank you for the explanation. My curiosity was aroused as the word also is used in Afrikaans (South Africa) and has a similar meaning (there is a large Portuguese community there so was probably taken over from them).

Hello Luiz,

'né' is a contraction of 'não é', which could be translated to 'isn't it'

Interestingly this translates every possible English question tag, so I'd say 'né' is equivalent to "isn't it true?". A nice example of the law of least effort, another one is "você" (you) which once used to be "Vossa Mercê" (Your Mercy), which people have now turned into "'ocê" or even "'cê". Now can you understand this "Cê sá sessonz passna Saváss?" ? I learned this during my three-month stay in the beautififul capital of your home state a couple of years ago :-)

By the way, to me your usage of 'né' above doesn't look like a real question tag, instead it looks like "Brazil, of course!.

Regards from Curitiba (Brasil, claro!)



Our place, guys, please! ;-)

Hi, Gerson;

At first I thought about using 'isn't that so', for I meant 'não é mesmo' with 'né', as I aways write 'Brazil' and this time, because I was addressing a country mate, I wrote 'Brasil' (não é mesmo?). I ended up reducing it even more, did not work well...

The hardest part is finding a regular expression in a non-native tongue that has the closest meaning possible to the 'native tongue' expression. As if one can master Portuguese in Brazil the way it is in Portugal... I aways think 'Lucky me!' when I feel conscious of the fact that I was born in a country were Portuguese is spoken. Or else, I'd never dare trying to learn it. As the number of rules were not enough to confuse the speakers, there are even more exceptions... d8^D


Luiz (Brasil, Brazil, Brésil, Brasilien, Brazilië, etc...)

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about the HP10C offered in Brazil: was it you, Alberto?

about Coburlin´s add:

(...) HP-10C Owner's Handbook on CD. The HP-10C Owner's Handbook on CD is easy to view and to printout to your printer.
I wonder 'where does the electronic HP10C Manual' come from...


Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 19 Jan 2010, 5:39 a.m.


ciao Luiz, no, it wasn't me, I'm addicted ... but a wife checking the balance does help, that price was a non sense, plus, I mostly collect (and destroy trying to restore, if I look at my posts) led items ... take care Alberto


Ciao, Alberto;

and destroy trying to restore, if I look at my posts
I cannot agree with you, sorry! You are looking for directions and advice by posting here prior to go ahead, so I'd guess it is a matter of 'bad luck', although I do not believe in luck and bad luck. It is just circumstantial. I am fighting like hell to bring a 41CX mainboard back to life (not mine, it belongs to a friend) and I will give up only when there is no resource at all I can use. Unfortunately I was 'off duty' related to HP activities for the past two years (contingencies) but I am now back to it and I decided to 'warm my brain up' by fixing some of my own pieces before getting back to the CX mainboard. So far, I managed to repair one 82143A printer, one 82104A card reader, two HP41CV and one HP21. I'm setting my workbench up to go ahead with the CX mainboard, but I had to delay the 'fight' for these days because of the end-of-semester extra activities (university). The board is still there, and my brain is fuming by the tease of working on it. Sure I will, just waiting for the very moment...

Success, my friend! There are many hearts here beating with yours.

Luiz (Brazil)


Thanks for my 41CX board testing again! ;-)


Thanks for your understanding...



I understand... it's so hard to give up on restoration. I've wanted an SR-11 for years. Bought two that were both too badly corroded to restore (internal batteries) years ago, though I tried. Last week I bought two online. $0.99 for one, that came broken in the mail leaking horrible corrosion (but came with a beautiful TI-1500.. an unexpectedly pretty little calculator in perfect shape) and a $5 SR-11 that came--- get this--- with no batteries inside. YEAH!! a perfect SR-11. Finally.

I can bring myself to throw away the 99 cent ones, but it's still not easy. But the HP's... it's really really hard to give up on those....


Thanks everybody for the thumbs up ! That was really bad luck, but, it so nice when you succeed that I won't give up very easily... By the way, I want to thank Ignazio Cara that is going to take care of my LCD baby ... thanks Ignazio !!


Ignazio was able to put back to life my beloved 41c with new battery contacts and many other information.



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