HP 35s Hardcase Issue


Hello everyone!

It has been a couple of years since my last post (my pipl search still pulls up my two posts which is quite fun). I recently purchased a second HP 35s as my first one mysteriously disappeared during my break from Purdue.

Sadly, the new one didn't come packaged with a paper manual, just a 'Quick Start Guide'. I understand the cost-cutting measure; thankfully I still have my original manual.

What has been a sad realization is that the right-hand hardcase strap is sewn about a cm too high (or keeping with the 35's convention, it is about 0.00001 KM too high ;) The left hand strap is in an oh-so-perfect position. The trouble is my damned right-handedness.

So, my question is: What say you? Also, what should I do? I purchased the calc from Amazon (no one here in Lafayette seems to carry it anymore which is sad...but I convinced one of the bookstores to order one :) The CNA is 93700925 for anyone interested, and the CNA sticker is straight but not centered (the first CNA sticker was at a 30 degree angle...so we're seeing an improvement from release at least).

Thank you for keeping this place alive...sorry for my long post. I must admit I am a neophyte when it comes to the real deep uses of the 35...but at 23 years old, I can proudly say that I don't even remember what an equals sign does.



How good are you with a needle and thread????

There should be a note in the Quick Start guide that a full printed manual is available by calling HP. That was the case two years ago when I got mine. (Bottom of page 24?)

Serial number is advancing - mine is CNA 75000967 - but supposedly there have been no rom changes.


Not very good!

I sent an email to the HP support abyss. Hopefully I'm able to get a replacement for the hardcase. I wasn't able to find any online as replacements.

I'm glad that I still have my hard manual though ;) I can't remember my original CNA...I remember it was fairly low. I spoke with someone in house at HP a while back and he said that there were no plans for any revisions to any of their calcs for the foreseeable future. Whether this was true or he was talking out of his bum, I don't expect anything big from HP in the calc realm any time soon.


I don't expect anything big from HP in the calc realm any time soon.

You mean apart from the new HP 30B Programmable Financial with Trig? <grin>


Lol...well, I'll stick to my 12c thank you. But that does look like a purchase I might make just to further convince my wife than senility can set in during someone's twenties XD

Some people collect guns, comic books, ex-wives...I collect calculators I have no use for (yet is what I tell the Mrs.). They're so damn awesome though.

I'm still waiting for the HP 50g.1 with a large enter key. I'd buy it for that alone.


It's okay, you're not the only person here in his twenties who owns more calculators than fingers. ;)

Now I just have to get my hands on a 30b...


What? All 3 of us in our 20s? :-)

There was a thread a while back doing average age of people in the forum unless my memory is already failing. . .


p.s. I've got a 30b :-P


Be happy you didn't get a new one.

Now the 35s doesn't even come with a hard case, as of something like CNA942 and higher or so.


Really? What does the new pouch look like? Does it resemble those rather crappy soft cases the old Pioneers came with or is it still something as cool as the original hard zipper case of the 35s?


I don't know if this is true, but seems like you can get a printed manual:



This is just the number listed in the Quick Guide that you call to order a manual. I don't think anything has changed on that front. Having said that, I called and ordered mine a few months back and the manual came - completely free of charge - very quickly. You need your calculator in front of you because the service rep will ask you for the serial number.


The left hand strap is in an oh-so-perfect position. The trouble is my damned right-handedness.
So, my question is: What say you? Also, what should I do?

Isn't it obvious - become left handed! I like to tell people that the proportion of geniuses who are left-handed is higher than the proportion of left-handers in the general population. I have no idea if that is true, I mostly just made it up, but the list of notable left-handers is fairly impressive.



LOL- Is that the same as "ambidecimal"?

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