HP-35 and HP-80: Flashing display differences?


The HP-80 has a (charming) behavior of flashing digits on the display briefly when calculating, for example, SQRTx, much like a programmable Classic while running a program. The HP-35 (and other Classics) don't do this for pre-programmed functions).

Since the HP-80 and HP-35 were basically the same electronics (HP-80 with more ROMs), does anyone know why the different behavior? Seems to me SQRTx (et al) would be implemented the same way on both?


I'm presuming that the ROM implementations are different in each calculator, resulting in the distinct behaviors.



Certainly there are differences, I'm interested in why this behavior in the HP-80 (flashing the display) when it isn't present in other Classics, particularly it's closest neighbors (HP-35, HP-45).


As Tim said, the difference is in the ROM code. If you want to know *why* the ROM code is different, I suppose you'd have to track down the engineers that wrote it and ask them.

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