48G keyboard weirdness


Got a 48G on eBay recently. Worked fine for a little while, but now the enter key is flaky, and in a strange way. Sometimes it won't work at all, sometimes it works, and a lot of times it will work if I keep it pressed down for anywhere between 1 and 10 seconds. Unfortunately, most of the time that it works it will count as multiple presses, usually two.

Any hints?


Does pressing down on the bezel between the screen and the first row of menu keys help? If so, you may simply have an air-gap between the PCB and the keyboard connectors.



I tried that and it doesn't seem to make any difference. It's the occasional delayed activation that confuses me.


Hi, Lincoln;

because the key has a 'motion irregularity', it seems to me it is a mechanical problem. The delayed activation may also be related to this as well.

Anyway, to remove any chance of software causes, can you save all of your data and clear calculator memory? You can also hardware reset the calculator by using the small hole in the back of it. Then you can try the key again and see what happens.

Not too much of a help, I know...


Luiz (Brazil)

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... it seems to me it is a mechanical problem.

which one should expect from a 20 years old calculator even though I've got 5 of them working perfectly so far.



I have a 48SX, two 48G+ and two HP49G. All working fine... What the f... do we know, ahn?


Luiz (Brazil)

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