50g easter eggs


Here is something on a lighter note, regarding hidden surprises:

In some on-line HP50g review, someone mentioned an easter egg in
the fast 3D area, but that the reader was invited to discover this
for himself. Is anyone aware of this? The easter egg site only mentions "RULES" and "MINEISBETTER" is getting old.

Happy New Year to all, Glenn in West LA


Ok, I figured out that "HpMad" is listed for the 49g. Trying this
on the 50g produced an "unplayable" Tetris game, moving so fast that is a blur. Is this because it is not adapted to the processing speed of the 50g? Just curious because of so many
functions listed in the AUR which are holdovers from the 49 and 48.
Thanks in advance! a last minute Cheers on 1/1/10 - Glenn in West LA



I was aware of the existence of some easter eggs, but I never knew any. Thanks!

Luiz (Brazil)


Thanks, Luiz. I know these games are just small entertainment, a break from some "real" work or serious play, but fun anyway. There
is an old 2003 post in the archives which dealt with this fast
Tetris game already. The speed is mentioned, the question is just
why? I was able to get 1. (a real number) point! What was Cyrille
thinking? Happy Jan 2nd


Hi, Glenn;

if we consider that the designers had the calculatorĀ“s bare hardware at hand, they could slow it down enough to play a little bit... Why not?


Luiz (Brazil)


Hi Glen!

Here is more detailed information on how to run it...

WBZ Amazon Review of the HP=50G

Enjoy. :)

- Bill


Thank you Bill, I remember seeing your review when I was considering getting the 50g. All the posts and reviews have been so helpful in getting up to speed with this machine, in addition to
the (printed) user guide and AUR. You just can't get enough tips and tricks.

One tricky thing about RPL programming is knowing when stack items
will get "consumed" by tests etc. I have come up from older calcs
(32s, 20s) and the 33s and 35s now, and after delving into the 50g,
a little refresher is needed now and then on rpn line programming.

To the point, I found a reference in hpcalc.org about the HpMad game for the 49g, along with the cryptic reference to other
hidden eggs in the fast 3D area. So whatever this is, does it apply
to the 50g? And the other thing is, do you need the reflexes of
a fly (a la Jeff Goldblum) to play the HpMad game?

Cheers, Glenn

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