Where can one get new three-pronged plugs for Classic series chargers? >>


Mine's a bit dodgy, having been inexpertly repaired by the prior owner many moons ago. I'd like to splice a new plug onto the cable, if possible.



Do you mean the calculator end of the adapter wire?


Yep. NOS or gently used.


Yep. NOS or gently used.

Gently used would be the best you could hope for... and they usually come attached to the rest of a standard 82002 charger...


I just bought some old chargers and plugs but don't have them in my hands yet. Depending on the state of the parts I might have a connector spare. Definitely not NOS, I'll let you know more hopefully this next week.


Thanks! I'd definitely be interested. The one I currently have is held together with epoxy and electrical tape...so not the best option. ;)


Well I've now got some connectors but at least one has internal conductor fractures and hence is intermittent... I'm not too hopeful that these are usable. Sorry to get your hopes up, I'll let you know if I find anything...


Molded connectors are repairable with some skill, patience and a very sharp razor blade... done correctly, you'll never know it was opened.

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