MCODE: Using the HP-16C as a tool


As a calculator nerd, my little beauties are solutions in search of a problem. It's not that I have an external need for calculators - at least not to the level I use them. I love using them and are in constant lookout for new ways of putting them to use.

I used to have an HP-16C. It burned to ashes along with some 90 other calcs. But I never got around to really using this cool little chap. Not until I acquired another recently.

My first and foremost passion is the 41. I love MCODE-ing it and finally figured out a good use for the 16C: To calculate jump codes for the 41 MCODE.

I imagine this must be one of the things I have done in life that has the least audience. Few people program any MCODE and I guess few of those have an HP-16C - and of those two or three left, there just might be one person interested in this program. But what the heck - I did it because I enjoyed it.

In case you care, go here: My HP-41 page.


I have a 16C, and I've had a 41 of one type or another since they first came out. But I've never had the hardware needed to do MCODE programming. Now that I've got the i41CX+ on my iPod, is it possible to do MCODE programming on that? Are there any good sources for learning how to?


Programming MCODE does not require any hardware these days... I don't know about the iPhone emulator but on Windows you can use V41 loaded with the HEPAX Module (all virtual, of course).

It's just a matter of getting started, then the adiction takes on ;-)


Hi, Geir;

I am one of these few...

Thanks! Helps a lot.


Luiz (Brazil)


:-) I'm also one of the few - when I wrote the 4096 digits of Pi MCODE program I used 16C to get the Hex-Dec conversions right. What a wonderful calc that is!


How fast is the PI program?


See here for the full post. I believe it is 2x the prior best time and has more digits

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