Woodstock Security Cradle - Keys lost


Hi Everybody, this time I'm trying to open a security cradle that came with an HP-25 (the calculator wasn't in the security cradle) without having the keys. Does anybody has ever succeded in this ? Thanks for your precious help, Alberto


Hi, Alberto;

I remember quite well, back in the 80's, when a key maker gave up trying to open an HP29C security cradle without the original key. He claimed never seeing such 'key bay' (is that correct?) in his 30+ years as a key maker, and he was afraid that it had an extra safety mechanism (kind of a pin in the end of the key cursor) to release the whole system.

I wish you success, and if you actually find such mechanism, please let us know.

Luiz (Brazil)

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Probably "keyway", the slot the key goes into.


You mean drilling and then finding a replacement ? I was thinking of that, but I would keep it as the last resort ...


Hi Alberto,

I know a guy who has been German and European champion in lockpicking several times, if you wish, I can establish contact between you two. He might even do it for a good bottle of Italian wine...

Greetings, Max

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I have had good luck with file cabinet or small keys and jiggling. Just have to find one that can be inserted.

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