HP30b - leapfrogging the competition ...


Just received notice (via HP support forum) that the HP30b Business Professional shall become available soon.

After looking at the specs here


it seems to me, that HP ist again taking the lead position in the most versatile financial calculators category.

It's the combination of features that would eventually make it the best HP financial calculator to date.

Being able to combine the latest in stochastic finance with long asked for capital budgeting functions, gives us in the finance industry "real options" and more ...

I suppose some of the forists took part in product development by adding knowledgeable advice - if and when you are already freed fom non-disclosure agreements conc. this product (now that it is common knowledge), we certainly would be interested in hearing some background and "inside knowledge" from you ;-))

Best regards & Thanks to the HP calculator team!

Peter A. Gebhardt


What is the "rotate-and-click" key technology?

I wonder what speed calcs are done at this time?

Already on sale?:




What is the "rotate-and-click" key technology?


"HP calculators HP 39G+, HP 39GS, HP 40 GS, HP 48GII, HP 49G+, HP 10BII, HP 12c, HP 12c Platinum, HP 12c Presentation, HP 17BII+, HP 33S have special keyboard contacts that give positive "tactile feedback" so you know the button has been depressed. The rotating design ensures contact even when pressed off-center, which prevents missed input strokes."



Hmmh, the LCD, the keys and their labels look *identical* to those of the 20b :-/ Of course, menu contents may differ. Scanning the datasheet, the only significant technical difference seems to be the improved tactile feedback. That's an advantage for sure compared with the 20b, but is this all? They claim the 30b being programmable, but I don't find any label for this on the keyboard :-(

Does anybody know more? And is allowed to speak?


but I don't find any label for this on the keyboard :-(

It is possible do see the label PRGM in blue. And in the 20b manual there is an unexplained reference to macros



in the 20b manual there is an unexplained reference to macros

I don't recall any reference nor does a find on 'macro' in the 20b user manual PDF return anything. Can you be more specific?


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There was a reference to macros on page 17 of the Quick Start Guide.

The Cash Flow and Statistics menus share the same memory and are limited to a combined total of 50 memory slots.

Macros can record up to 120 keys."



Unfortunately I had not read this thread until today :(



It is possible do see the label PRGM in blue.

You're right. It is even indicated. Blind me :(

For the record, there is a mistake in the specs on that PDF file that should have been corrected long ago. The amount of memory is not 32K, but a good bit less.

Everything else is correct.


Does the 30b feature a similar interface like the 20b?

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