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My laptop is a dv2000 motherboard. It failed in September because of a faulty Nvidia graphics card, but HP says it does not qualify for their replacement program. I have just now received contact from the higher up support crew saying that because i have complained I could get a new motherboard for half off the original price. I already bought a new laptop. Do you think that I should take the offer, or will my computer just crap out on me like it did last time? I'd appreciate some honest feedback.



Hi, Karen;

This is not actually a pure technical nor a finacially-oriented suggestion, instead an honest feedback, as you asked for.

I am a university teacher in Brazil and, apart of what happens here (and you have probably read in newspapers), there are many local initiatives regarding environment protection. I for one keep anyhting that works at home, I consider 'waste' only things I cannot work with, or others cannot use in anyway. So, my point is: don´t you know anyone (student, researcher, teacher, etc.) that could use this laptop with a replacement motherboard? As you have already bought a new one, it is probably worth for someone else to pay for the replacement motherboard and set an arrangement with you. OR... you may simply allow yourself to make it a gift. A Xmas gift, why not? <]8^)

Please, read this as an honest suggestion. I'd do that in a heart beat. (some folks here know I have already done some things close to this one)

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)

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This problem affected some Dell models as well. The replacement motherboard offered by Dell included a fix for the problem. I would assume that the HP model would as well. Conversely, I recently read the results of an extensive survey on laptop reliability, and HP was at, or near, the worst for all manufacurers included in the survey. (Someone told me it was the Compaq influence). If I had to make the decision, I would do it based on cost. Is the cost of the repair less than the unit can be sold, like on ebay? If so, I'd do it. If not, there is little reason to do so.


Dan, even if the repair cost is close to the value of repaired laptop, Luiz' argumentation still holds. I second his opinion.


Here's some more information about problems with HP's laptops. Good luck with your decision.



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