630 USD for a 15c on Ebay!


No matter how much I like the 15c...



Watch the prices tumble when HP reintroduce the 15C!



That's the main reason I've not been out looking for a replacement 15c.

- Pauli


... especially at this time of the year d8)


... especially at this time of the year d8)

JPY80500 for a 15C in mint condition on Yahoo auction, yesterday.

JPY80500 =~ USD890 (JPY/USD=90.495)


When or if? I'm not so optimistic about such a re-introduction... albeit I remain hopeful.

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When or if? I'm not so optimistic about such a re-introduction... albeit I remain hopeful.

Well, given all the signs, and almost everything is in place to enable such a product. It is more likely than not it will come out eventually. But internal politics is a funny business.

I think if HP don't take the opportunity that is staring them in the face and go ahead with the 15C then they should get out of the calculator business altogether.




In Brazil it is not that different! (No, I am not the seller.)

R$720.00 =~ US$415.00

Not sold yet... Just as a comparison, Brazilian 'minimum' salary runs about R$460.00 a month (about R$5,520.00 or US$3,163.00 a year). A regular worker would need to work about a month and a half to buy it. The package includes the calculator, protective cover and three batteries (no manual).


Luiz (Brazil)

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It's not so different also in JAPAN.

It was new-in-a-box condition with warranty card (of course invalid), and made for a successful bid for JPY50000.

JPY50000 =~ USD562 =~ EUR386 (today's rate)




Cheaper in Australia:


AU$255, or slightly more in US$



41cx 606 USD and go


41CX? cheap at any price.


...the world is cheap! >B^D

Check this out!

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Hey Luiz;
Yes; the world would be cheap...... we should tell those folks that the ipac isn't the most expensive - the ebay 41 is.
but some good music is available free
that and about 10,000 times more is stored in san francisco and mirrored somewhere in europe too, just to be safe. What a coincidence: I heard Yo-Yo Ma on our public radio last week talking about the box set in your link. They were teasing him about the 399 CD retrospective of his work. He took it well.

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