SpeedUI - Important update to v. 9.08


Hello all,

thank you for your patience.

SpeedUI 9.08 is a bugfix release only,

but it's strongly recommended to update

from an older version, since the v 9.08

fixes some display and keyboard related bugs,

as well as one serious bug in the MsgBox library,

which caused a crash.

Many thanks to the users who submitted the bug reports:-)

The new SpeedUI 9.08 package has just been uploaded to




It may take some time until hpcalc.org will be updated,

so the alternative route is to download SpeedUI 9.08

from the HP Museum of calculators.

Here's the direct link:


For those who don't know SpeedUI,

please take a look into the overview PDF:


Have fun:-)




I have a couple of 48Gxes and I've never used your SpeedUI, but after reviewing the overview PDF, I am impressed! This is a great improvement to the 48GX UI. I am curious though, with a 128K GX, how much RAM is consumed by SpeedUI? Do you have any plans to migrate it to a 49G+ or 50G?

I haven't researched the HP Museum archives or searched the web about SpeedUI as I got excited by reading the PDF. So, if my questions have been answered before, please forgive my enthusiasm.

I like it! Great Job, Raymond. VERY IMPRESSIVE!


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