hp 35s Odd Behaviour: Fractions in Complex Numbers


Yesterday was a good hp day for me. My first hp calc since I lost my 15c 21 years ago arrived (35s) along with a 12c for my wife (an economics professor, this would be her first brush with RPN). To top it all, the broken 41CV that I got for free from a friend the other day sprang to life after some battery corrosion cleaning and an unconventional workaround the broken bottom screw posts.

Anyway, I was playing with the 35s and noticed the following odd behaviour: I tried to input -1/3 i -1/3 by typing ". 1 . 3 CHS i . 1 . 3 CHS ENTER". What I got back was "0.3333i-0.3333" instead of "-0.3333i-0.3333"!

What gives?

Has this been discussed before?


Interesting. It works correctly when entering "0.3333333 CHS i 0.3333333 CHS ENTER". You've discoverd another bug?


Added to the HP-35s bug list.

- Pauli


Hi Paul. after some testing it appears that this bug exists in both RPN and algebraic modes.

Thanks for maintaining the 35s bug list. I wish that we had organized something similar for the 33s. Would you consider adding the 33s bug list to that of the 35s?




Sorry, but I'm not going to do a 33s bug list. It is a discontinued model which means there aren't going to ever be fixes.

Also, I don't have a 33s, and I am not planning on getting one...

- Pauli


Thanks Paul. I thought that it wouldn't hurt to ask. You are probably correct that the 33s won't get any more updates but it is still for sale at hp.com.




In the US maybe, but in the UK for instance it is no longer available. (Except on TAS)


Why does everyone shun and hate me so? It's not my fault I was born deformed! Blame my parents (designers) for "experimenting" and leading an unhealthy life style...

---a bitter 33s


Why does everyone shun and hate me so?

Although many are apparently putoff by the chevron key layout and lack of a big ENTER key, I consider those complaints to be trivial. Even the tiny decimal point doesn't bother me. If speed of program execution and number base support are important to you--and they are to me--the 33s beats the 35s hands down.


maybe some things are not meant to be combined, like fraction input on complex numbers... but of course that should be clearly mentioned.

As much as I like it, the "i" functionality isn't as rugged as one would expect. Try for instance entering real and imaginary parts both with more than 9 decimal places (or mantissa length) and you'll also see it doing strange things.



maybe some things are not meant to be combined, like fraction input on complex numbers... but of course that should be clearly mentioned.

There's one thing that really should have been clearly mentioned: Beta testers being the target audience for new HP calculators.


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