Broken Rom/Ram switch on RAMCARD


I just broke the switch on my Klotz 128k card.

Has anyone ever successfully repaired something like this?


geeze bill, don't you have microscopic waldows yet?


Aren't there several types of 128K Klotz cards? Anyway, you should be able to repair it. None of the Klotz cards I have ever come across were ever covered (i.e. the card was literally a PCB board with SMD chips mounted; nothing for shielding). I am sure you can find the part from companies like Digikey and Mouser.

Do you have a photo of your card?


Hi Han,

Here it is:



Stuff you may already know:

Looks like a surface-mount toggle or switch. I do not know if there are standard packagings, or if that particular component is still even manufactured. I will see if I can dig up any Klotz cards I own and check if there is any packaging markings on the toggle. Do you still have the original toggle? It may indicate what type of packaging it is.

Worst case scenario is that you will have a RAM card that cannot be write-protected as long as you make sure to resolder the circuit for RAM mode.


I can send a pic of my Klotz card switch if anyone's interested.


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