HP50G SD card is popping out


Am I the only one who owns a HP50G where the SD card is popping out all the time (after transporting the calculator)?

Why didn't HP provide a free roll of duct tape?

If HP is reading this: please fix this in a future update!


I don't know if you are the only one, but I don't have this problem. My HP50G travels just fine with an SD card in the calculator. Have you tried different SD cards? With luck you'll find that you've got a dodgy card... Having said that, my notebook computer has an SD card reader that REFUSES to lock the SD cards in place. This means that in order to use it I have to hold the card in place while transferring files. Doesn't matter what card I use, either.


The card I am using is a 512MB from Toshiba. I got it with a used MP3 player. I will copy the content to a different card and will see whether this solves the problem.


Mine stays in unless I take it out. In fact, the card appears to be just ever-so-slightly higher than flush with the bottom contour of the calculator, so that it should NOT be easy to accidentally pop it out.

You may have a faulty holding mechanism in your calculator's slot.


I suppose that the mechanism releases the card when the calculator gets a shock along its long side. That's how I carry it in my bag, in a vertical position. So it is possible that when putting the bag on the ground the shock is sufficient to release the card. I will try with a different card. The only problem is that it is getting harder to find "pure SD" cards ;).



I have two HP5G's and one HP49G+, and it never happened with any of them. I'd quote Ed Lock:

(...) the card appears to be just ever-so-slightly higher than flush with the bottom contour of the calculator, so that it should NOT be easy to accidentally pop it out.
Same for me.

About the duct tape: I want mine, too! Not necessarily to fix the card in place... B^)


Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 2 Dec 2009, 1:36 p.m.


I have used SD cards hundreds of times, cameras,readers, HP50's. Never had a flaw. Press it in past what you think is enough and it locks on release. Press again and it releases. Are you pressing it in far enough? Sam


SD cards don't physically lock or latch in any way into the inserted position. The card is held in only by friction in the slot...a fully inserted SD card can be removed by simply grasping the card edge with fingernails, tweezers, etc. and pulling outward.

Inserting a card compresses a sort of spring wire in the slot that catches upon full card insertion. Later, pressing the card releases the spring wire, which then pushes the card out of its slot.

Something in your HP50G is allowing that spring wire to release without the normal inward card push. And no, that's not normal for the HP50G or the similar HP49g+. I've never experienced it with my two well-travelled machines, the oldest being more than six years old.

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