Sqeak of the 48G


How can this squeak be stopped. i bought 3 48G's and everytime it statrted to squeak i sold it. i'm now getting fed up of this and i'm trying o find out if it can be stopped. thanks


What do you mean by squeak? Do you mean a mechanically induced sound having to do with the physical casing or an electronic sound? If you're talking about a sound produced by the mechanical looseness of the two case halves, I would say that is a by-product of the calculator being held together by heat stakes and not allowing for tightening as would be the case using screws. If the case halves weren't fully mated during assembly there may be some play between them that produces a sqeaking sound, perhaps when the keys are pressed.


It's the mechanically squeak with the both halves of the plastic. I had not one but three and all had this squeaked after a while. I have a 41cx and this case is sturdy as hell. I wonder why the Brillant Engineers at Hp can't solve this minor problem?


Is the squeak related to the Toot of the Angry Horn?

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