17bII german manual?


17bII german manual? (not 17bII+)

Anyone have a pdf they can send me (or better yet a link)? Thanks.


myname @ hp.com

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I have a spiral bound paper copy of the manual. Are you located in Germany? I may lend it to you for a while.




the HP site has only English, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese versions. Some years ago I downloaded many HP manuals from the HP site, but I am not sure if I have it, should check. If I have anything I´ll let you know.


Luiz (Brazil)


Japanese, not Chinese.


Oops, 'my bad'!

I saw so many Kanji´s I thought it was Chinese. I should have downloaded the manual and checked prior to affirm.


Luiz (Brazil)



if you are trying to help solving my request here - Thx a lot:


I'm located in Germany & Marcus could possibly send a copy of the requested pages to me w/o problems via email - at least if I ask kindly ;-)

Nevertheless: Maybe there is someone, who could scan the manual to be enclosed into Dave's next DVD set to avoid confusing requests as mine for the future.

Best regards,

Peter A. Gebhardt

PS: ... and allow HP to update/correct the HP 17bII+ manuals accordingly

PPS: A huge public "Thank You!" to Marcus - who although on holidays, kindly spent some spare time to scan & send me the required page of the manual.

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Have you found a bug related to the additional 'German' financial functions?



I've sent him the page from my German 17bii manual, so he will be able to report about his findings. I assume, that there are errors in the latest incarnation of the manual (17bii+).



apparently HP (Kinpro China?)OCRed the old 17bII manual as a base for the new 17bII+ manual.

One of the apparent errors in (re)printing is showing up in the equation for the added "STAFF" menu (in FINANCE only for the German Version ROM). I'm currently checking the equation with sample calculations on the 200LX (against the one derived from the "broken 17bII+ version" which I'm using since about one year now), because I ran in some rare discrepancies of results. Therefore my request for the "real one" to verify.

I trust Tim Wessman to provide a PDF of the 17bII manual on the HP website, once he has a copy at hand.

As soon as I can be sure of my findings, I'll report here again.

Best regards,

Peter A. Gebhardt

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looking at p.297 (German manual for 17bII+ 1st printing, June 2003), solving for ENDW (FV) results in 179.895,65 - which is wrong, as one could easily prove with a 17bII (s/n: 3610M00859) or a 17bII+ (gold, s/n: CNA42903649)

The correct result should be 179.085,65 instead.

If you now try to use the corrected equation from said manual on p.237 (or the one from the 17b page Marcus sent to me) on the 200LX (BIOS 1.02A), one of the subterms used is described as being:

#PP = 1 - T * R/J div 360 + FP(N) mult R/J div #I/J

The 200LX then produces 180.397,71 (being even more off the correct result)

I fixed this by using:

#PP = RND( 1 - T * R/J div 360 + FP(N) mult R/J div #I/J : 3 ) 

Because I didn't encounter a similar discrepancy yet, independent tests & verification of my fix are appreciated.

Best regards,

Peter A. Gebhardt

PS: In the description on p.276 of said manual, it refers to "international usances" in adding the last RATE (PMT) to the ENDW (FV) in case T=0. That in turn does mean, that if you are in BEG mode (because of making/receiving payments on the first day already), then in fact you make/receive one more payment then calculated by #J mult R/J.

To correct for this, you have to add the following line to the end of the equation:


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